After taking a few weeks to really consider what it was I wanted to get out of the year I’ve decided my word of the year is Focus.

Many of the things I hope to accomplish this year are going to require me to devote a great deal of energy and undivided attention to them. Since I want to get so much accomplished I’m going to have to give each item on my list all of my focus in the moment. Living in the moment is hard for all of us, especially those of us that like to plan. It’s easy to think you’re great at focusing when you’re a planner, but plans inevitably are always future based. The organization that comes along with being a planner is certainly going to be an asset in maintaining hyper-focus throughout the year but it’s important to make sure I remember plans are simply an outline. Being in the moment, both physically and in my thoughts, is what will keep me focused.

Though I didn’t explicitly make all of these things my 18 for 2018 goals, I want to put my focus into spending consciously and intentionally, writing blog posts, reading my books, posting videos consistently, and finishing home projects. What’s your guiding word for 2018?

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