17 Highlights from 2017

I think it’s always helpful to take a look back at the year you’ve had before entering a new one. It can be easy to decide the world is a terrible, scary place if you never take time to reflect on all your wonderful experiences. With 2017 coming to an end I felt it apt to compile 17 of my favorite moments from the past year. 

  1. Going to PlannerCon 2017 was a definite highlight for my year. I got to meet so many amazing people at PlannerCon including THE Erin Condren, which was seriously the coolest thing ever. I also happened to be in San Francisco at the same time as my college friend Donald. It was such a joy getting to catch up. 

2. That same weekend I was able to go to one of my best friends’ Bridal Shower. She lives on the West Coast now and I’m so grateful to have been able to take part in the festivities. 

3. I also got to take part in her beautiful wedding!

4. I was able to drink delicious wine at gorgeous vineyards as a part of her Bachelorette Party. 

5. Austin and I took full advantage of the West Coast wedding and got to travel to new parts of the world together. 

6. I danced my ass off at so many Emo Nights and 90s Dance Parties at the Ottobar with some of my favorite people

7. I saw an old favorite, New Found Glory, in concert. Except for poor Austin rolling his ankle, it was absolutely amazing. 

8. I also got to see a new favorite, Niall Horan, in concert with one of my lovely Bridesmaids. It was a rainy, miserable day but we had the best time. He puts on a phenomenal show and just radiates charisma. We were both really appreciative of getting to see him live in such a small venue. 

9. Over the summer, we used our annual Honfest Kegger as a means to raise money for a friend who had a horrific motorcycle accident. Using our party to make a difference in someone’s life added a little extra magic to the already wild day. 

10. Austin’s mom and grandma came to live with us for a little while and they brought Kitty along with them. She can be a pain in the butt sometimes but I missed having a cat around. They are such funny critters. I grew up with lots of cats around the house, but I think just one Kitty is plenty enough for us right now. 

11. Though I’m admittedly not a huge fan of living in the slightly more rural-ish area we live in right now, I am so in love with our house. I was so smitten with all of the gorgeous flowers and shrubbery that bloomed around our yard this past Spring.

12. Growing our own delicious fruits and vegetables in our own garden was the most satisfying culinary experience. There are few things as rewarding as eating food you’ve grown yourself. Having a large garden is seriously hard work and I do not take for granted the amount of effort that it takes to just fill the produce section of the grocery store. 

13. Another of my joys from Spring and Summer was going to down-the-ocean as they say here in Baltimore. We spent a lot of time in Ocean City this year. The trip makes for quite a whirlwind weekend but its worth it to breath in the salt air and walk on the sand. We also got to enjoy one-on-one time with Austin’s grandma and found a delicious new pizza place. 

14. Speaking of pizza, we found a favorite new pizza place at home too. Paulie Gee’s, which is where we had our engagement party yesterday, has a whole vegan menu making it so easy for me to still get my pizza fix even after going vegan. I’m so happy to say I’ve been vegan for over a year now and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Austin went vegan this Summer too!

15. Though he’s definitely not a vegan, I had the best time dressing up as Guy Fieri for Halloween. Some people didn’t even recognize me under goofy wig and ‘stache. I hadn’t put much energy into my costumes the past few years so that made this hilarious one even better. 

16. This year Austin and I did something we had wanted to do for the entirety of our relationship and just kept procrastinating. We started exploring all of the museums along the National Mall. So far we’ve worked our way through 5 of them and I can’t wait for our next day trip down to DC. It’s really nice to be with someone who equally enjoys a slow stroll through a museum. 

17. By far, the very best thing to happen in 2017 was getting engaged to my best friend. I don’t even remember life without him. Austin’s my love and my world and I can’t wait to marry him in 2018!

I hope you all have a happy, healthy, safe start to 2018. Thanks for sticking around!