Get to Know Me: 50 Random Facts

Get to Know Me: 50 Random Facts

Although I try to make an effort to be open about my life both here and on YouTube, I always feel like knowing various little quirks about someone adds a level of intimacy to a relationship. In an effort to make you lovely readers and myself closer I decided to share 50 tidbits about myself.

1. I don’t like ice cream cones and never have. I always get my (vegan) ice cream in a cup.

2. I have a discoloration on my left thigh from dropping chicken carelessly into hot oil when I was younger. That shit splashed everywhere.

3. I used to pick my favorite colors based on what looked like it would taste good.

4. Pizza has been my favorite food my entire life. Currently miso soup is sitting at second.

5. I have two tattoos. I would love yo get more but I rarely prioritize tattoo spending over spending on other things.

6. I compare the prices of item I want to buy to how many pizzas I could buy for that same amount of money to decide if I really want to buy it or not.

7. I played soccer from childhood all through high school even though I really stucked at it.

8. I was co-President of the Environmental Club in high school.

9. Every member of my immediate family has insisted upon licking my salt lamp, not believing me when I told them it was made of salt. It’s actually pretty annoying.

10. I have a stack about half an inch high of Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons sitting inside my TV cabinet just waiting for the day I might need them.

11. This is horrible. I know this is horrible. I sometimes forget that Arkansas is a state. Every few months I’ll here the word Arkansas and think “oh, yeah thats a place.” I really feel like I need to visit Arkansas so I can cement a few solid memories in my mind and never forget it again.

12. I really enjoy HGTV magizine but I never buy it. My grandma ended up with a subscription and she has no idea how. She always saves them to give to me.

13. I hate styrofoam and the squeek it makes if you touch it a certain way. Makes my skin crawl.

14. I love the Olympics. I will watch literally any sport if it’s a part of the Olympics.

15. I hate doing dishes. I don’t do dishes. Austin and I have an agreement that he does all of our dishes and I do all of our laundry.

16. I am obsessed with buffalo cauliflower, but it’s a pain in the butt to make, so worth it though. This is my favorite recipe.

17. Pink is my favorite color, though I have the occasional affair with green.

18. My favorite Real Housewives casts in order are: Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Orange County, Potomac. I don’t watch the others because I find them annoying. And honestly Potomac can be pretty annoying too but I’m trying to give it a chance since they are the Maryland girls. The second season was definitely better than the first.

19. I am that person who will remove your toilet paper roll and flip it if its not hanging the correct way, which is over – not under.

20. My mom birthed me on her 21st birthday. We now trade off picking a birthday restaurant every other year. We also share our birthday with Justin Timberlake.

21. I would much rather go to a baseball game than a football game. I understand all the rules in baseball and I feel like in general the audience at baseball games is far less fulgar. People at Ravens games are far too intense for my liking.

22. I can, and have, eaten an entire jar of olives in one sitting.

23. I love grocery shopping. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I can’t understand how people don’t find it enjoyable. Food is so awesome.

24. Claws is my new favorite show. If you aren’t watching it, you need to go binge the first several episodes now.

25. I almost never reheat food. I will eat nearly anything cold, even soup.

26. In that same vein, I simply do not care if my coffee gets cold. I don’t understand the need to have piping hot coffee. People who can sip their coffee the second it’s done brewing really concern me. Like have they burned all nerves out of their mouth? How can they handle the heat?

Get to Know Me: 50 Random Facts

27. I love Survivor. Although I know I would struggle with hunger and gameplay, the biggest reason I’ve never applied is that my hair starts to dread up on its own after a couple days so I would almost definitely have to shave my head. I don’t think I would have an America’s Next Top Model makeover breakdown, but I wouldn’t be super pleased with having to grown these crazy ass curls back out.

28. I will cry the day Bachelor in Paradise is actually canceled. The recent drama gave me a heart attach. It’s literally the best trash TV show ever made.

29. I’m 5 feet tall. It took me 20 years to get there. I was 4’11.75″ for so long I didn’t think I would ever make it. I told the nurse to shut up when she said 5 feet after measuring me. It was a pretty big moment.

30. I can safely say I am the best booty shaker I know.

31. I read impossibly slow and loose interest in books intermitently. I’ve been working on Most Talkative by Andy Cohen for probably a year. I’m enjoying the book I just get bored with the act of reading.

32. I hate reading fiction. I just can’t picture a story in my head. I will 100% of the time prefer to watch the movie than read the book. That being said…

33. …I’ve never read or seen any Harry Potter book or movie. I’ve just never been interested.

34. Whenever I find a particular item of clothing I like I tend to buy it in every color offered. I owe 4 of a particular Loft skirt style, 5 of a certain dress from Express and 4 colors of a style of sweater from Old Navy.

35. My first ever concert was the BackStreet Boys at Hershey Stadium and it was awesome.

36. I’ve never felt more myself than when I had pink hair and I miss it so so much. It felt natural.

37. I’ve lived in Maryland my entire life except for the year I lived abroad during college in Leuven, Belgium (which was amazing). I was raised in Baltimore City which was a strange and interesting place to grow up.

38. I get extremely hot in my sleep, especially in summer. I wake up sweating nearly every morning.

39. Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine I only get my period 4 times a year. I swear I don’t understand how people do it every month. I can barely handle it quarterly. I wish I could just turn it off permanently. I don’t want children so a period is pretty much useless for me.

40. Except for the year I lived abroad I have gone to the pumpkin patch every October, took a hay ride, picked out a pumpkin, and carved it.

41. I watch YouTube videos almost everyday. I love YouTube. The never ending huge variety of content is amazing.

42. I have a birth mark patch on my left cheek. It’s easier to see in Summer once I’ve been in the sun a bit.

43. I need to have a box of tissues in every room of my house. Growing up my mom hardly ever even bought tissues and it drove me crazy. I am a sniffly person and I hate having to chase down tissues.

44. For some reason or another I seemed to be prone to warts when I was younger. I had a quite painful wart on the bottom of my foot and a really large one on my right hand’s ring finger.

45. My messy buns tend to garner a lot of compliments, especially from older women at work. I guess since I have curly hair they think I put a lot more effort into the look than I actually did.

46. I love Paula’s Choice. It just works. That’s good shit.

47. I’m happiest by the water. I always feel so calm and relaxed when we are down the ocean, even if I don’t even go to the actual beach. Life is just better by the sea.

48. Funny enough since I love planning, my job is basically to plan large meetings. I’m paid to plan!

49. This summer I’ve been addicted to peaches. I just can’t get enough of them!

50. It took me nearly two weeks to write this post. I just couldn’t think of many things to write in one setting that I felt were somewhat interesting.

If you’ve made it this far, first of all thanks for reading and being interested, and secondly I would love to know a little bit about you. Tell me a few quick facts about yourself in the comments below!