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Donut Alliance Donuts

Donut Alliance Donuts

Last weekend Land of Kush hosted a pop-up shop for Donut Alliance. Donut Alliance is a Baltimore-based vegan donut catering company that has pop-up events at vegan events and restaurants around the city. It would be absolutely amazing if they had a brick-and-mortor operation but they don’t just yet so unless you hire them for an event you’ll have to chase them down at one of these pop-ups in order to get your hands on these donuts. Fortunately, they keep their events schedule up-to-date on Facebook so you know exactly where to find them.

And find them you shall, along with a few dozen other people who already know the deal and have showed up early to get their donuts. Apparently, selling out in 30 minutes is the norm. I had already read about this online so Austin and I left the house early to get to Land of Kush. We got there around 10:15 and the event was meant to start at 10:30. When we arrived there was no discernible area set up for where the donuts would be sold so we just picked and empty spot and stood there. There were maybe 20 people tops in Land of Kush waiting for donuts as well. 10:30 came and went, and the owners of Land of Kush were getting visibly worried, assuring people they were just 10 minutes out. I’m not going to lie, that was super annoying and unprofessional. I know life happens and I can’t speak to what their morning was like, but I would expect that if an event starts at 10:30 it would already be set up and ready to go at 10. But, I also manage events day-to-day so I’m admittedly a bit anal about things like this.

Eventually the owners of Donut Alliance showed up and, though I didn’t keep close track of the time, I would estimate the whole shebang was set up by 10:50 – 10:55 ish(?). This is where things got annoying. The owner of Land of Kush had set up a table and the owners of Donut Alliance were setting up shop. Everyone in the restaurant could see this happening and naturally everyone flocked towards the table. They came with probably a dozen large boxes of donuts – easily enough to satisfy the wants of everyone already in the restaurant and likely some of those in the line forming outside the door. But of course, there is always one passive-agressive person who decides they get to dictate the line order and then proceeds to talk about the people around them loud enough to be heard, instead of, you know, being an adult and addressing people directly. So…I may have told some girl off but bitch had it coming. At this point I was at the table so I ordered one of everything and left. Austin had already went outside to wait. He hates crowded situations where people are needlessly tense. They are just donuts people!

Since we were already down in the city we decided to stop by my mom’s house. Austin walked around the corner to get us coffee from Golden West and my mom helped me talk a few pictures of these lovely donuts. I forgot to mention the donuts were packaged very carefully. The owner really didn’t want them touching so that each donut would be a truly separate experience. After getting a few pictures we cut the donuts into quarters and got to tasting.

Donut Alliance Vegan Donuts

There were 7 different types of donuts, but have 6 pictured above. I hate peanut butter so I skipped the peanut butter pretzel donut (you can see it pictured in the first photo). You’ll also notice the donut piece in the middle isn’t tabled. I don’t remember what that one was called, but I think it had glaze, chocolate drizzle and peanuts – once again, not a fan. I nibbled the corner and gave Austin the rest of my wedge. I’m just not into peanuts. The rest of the donuts were amazing. Austin really enjoyed the maple coconut bacon. This is the best coconut bacon I’ve had – super smokey and spiced just right. The blueberry would have only been better if there were chunks of blueberry in the donut but I understand, not having a full-scale commercial kitchen, that extra step is a hassle. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the cookies and cream donut since that’s such a common flavor. I can’t pinpoint what makes it so good but I really loved it. The Samoa was a chocolately fudge overload and I loved it. The chocolate layer was similar to that of a Berger cookie, only better. The only donut that left me a little disappointed was the coffee chocolate chip. The coffee flavor was very subtle and underwhelming. I was hoping the coffee flavor would pack a heavy punch and it just didn’t.

My parents are always a little apprehensive when I make them try the vegan version of a food they already love. They are absolute donut freaks and I’ve already struck out with vegan donuts once – but those were baked which is definitely what threw them off (those were from Harmony Bakery and I recommend the cinnamon sugar donuts). The Donut Alliance donuts were a home run. My dad had to take a breather to savor the experience, he was so in love with the peanut and chocolate donut.

I have to say these are the best vegan donuts I’ve ever had, both vegan and non-vegan approved. I wish the experience of buying them was smoother but the taste was well worth it. I can’t say that I would chase them down again, but I’m not a huge donut fan. I have to really be in the mood for donuts, but if you are a vegan donut fiend these are a must-have.