Products I Need Cruelty-Free Dupes For

Products I Need Cruelty-Free Dupes For

Hey y’all hey! I’ve gone through my collection and piled together my all time favorite products that happen to not be cruelty-free. I’m considering this my dupes to do list. I can always live without these things – makeup, after all, is not a necessity – but I would be really happy if I could find dupes for these items in cruelty-free lines.

Origins Vitazing. Vitazing is a great tinted moisturizer. It contains sun protection and the smallest amount of tint just to lightly even out the complexion. I currently have a Paula’s Choice tinted facial sunscreen which I don’t love. I bought the one for oily skin (I’m normal to oily) and it is was too drying for me. I’m going to try the one for dry skin and see if that works better for me.

Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer. This is truly the best concealer I’ve ever used and the one item I am sad to say goodbye to forever. The fair shade is a perfect match for me, there is great coverage and its so easy to apply. I have a lot of trouble finding a concealer I like so I’m sure once this tube finishes I’ll be going a bit concealer crazy looking for something comparable.

MAC Aphrodite’s Shell Bronzer. I have other bronzers that I can use but this one just makes life easy. It’s lightly pigmented and is the perfect color for my pale skin. I have a good feeling there is a good dupe for this somewhere but I’m going to finish off all of my bronzers before I even start the search.

MAC Petals and Peacocks Lipstick. I’ve found a few dupes for this but none of them are cruelty free. It’s such a beautiful color and with so many companies having extensive lipstick ranges I am confident I will easily find a dupe for this.

L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. I just started using this mascara and I’m blown away. This stuff is great and the brush is so compatible to my eye shape. Much like lipsticks, there are so many mascaras on the market so I’m sure I can find a dupe after I finish the few other mascaras I have left in my stash.

If yall have any dupe suggestions for these products please let me know!