My Current Hair Care Routine

My Current Hair Care Routine

Hey yall hey!

Today I wanted to share with yall my current hair care routine. These are just the products I use in the shower because all of my styling products are exactly the same as the last time I share a hair care routine – It’s a 10 and Lush R & B.

For shampoo and conditioner I’m currently using exclusively Bain de Terre products. I absolutely love how gentle that brand is on my dry, curly, easily damaged hair. It doens’t really matter which line of their products I use. I’ve found all of them work really well and are quite nourishing. Another awesome thing about the Bain de Terre line is that the liter bottle of product can be found at Marshalls and TJ Maxx for just $10, which is just over half off the normal retail price.

I keep within the discount diva theme with my deep conditioner as well. I usually just pick out one that seems nice from the hair aile at Marshalls, which is how where I bought the Theorie Green Tea Hair Mask show above. I would really love to try the Carol’s Daught deep conditioners but I just haven’t worked up the nerve to fork out the cash for them just yet.

Last time I talked about The Wet Brush I mentioned I still had to use my traditonal stiff bristle brush from time to time to brush out all the knots. I’m proud to say I’ve fully converted over to The Wet Brush now. There is definitely a learning curve involved with using The Wet Brush on curly, knot-prone hair, but I can definitely see why it’s such a better brush. My hairs in much better health since I’ve stopped using my stiff bristle brush.

The only other hair products I have hanging around are dry shampoo and hair spray. I have two mini cans of dry shampoo that came in subscription boxes but I really don’t know what to do with them. I never use dry shampoo. My hair just doesn’t need it. I have a Tresemme hair spray I’m working on using up and likely would not repurchase. I really like the Marc Anthony hair spray and the full size bottle is only $8.99. I think I can handle that price. I’d actually like to try other products in his line since I love the hairspray so much.

What hair products are in your current rotation?