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My Introduction to Yoga


As long as I can remember I’ve been interested in trying out yoga. From the outside it always seemed so calming and soothing. All of the images I associate with the word yoga are lean people in muted tones wearing gentle smiles. Everything about it seemed appealing and on top of that it’s supposed to be good for you! I’ve been sold on the idea of yoga for a long time, but I never took the steps to pull the idea from my head and turn it into a reality.

When ClassPass reached out to me to work on promoting their recent launch in Baltimore I was beyond thrilled for a plethora of reasons:
1. This is my first official collaboration with a brand, which is awesome.
2. They contacted me at the best possible time when I had made the decision to take control of my health and fitness. Collaborating made so much sense because I was going to be posting about fitness on the blog anyway.
3. I would finally have no excuse to put off trying yoga!

I reserved my spot for the beginners yoga class at Ojas Wellness Center – Hunt Valley through ClassPass. My friend Megan tagged along with me since I was a bit nervous to go on my own. As soon as we walked in the door we were warmly welcomes by a sweet receptionist in the lobby/store front area. We were quickly checked in and introduced to the instructor, Juliet. She was very sweet and showed up around the studio, letting us know what equipment we would need for class. While we did bring our own mats, the studio has those available along with any other supplies needed for each class.

The class was small and comfortable. I didn’t feel awkward or out of place at all. As class began Juliet slowly walked us through each move corrected our form and repeating the names of each position over and over again. This could be annoying to a seasoned yogi, but for me I loved that it was really drilling the names into my head.

As the class progress I was actually really impressed with how flexible I was. I was so convinced I had lost all of my flexibility since I stopped dancing a few years back. My balance on the other hand,  could use some work. I’m so wobbly! Also, TMI, but I am so sweaty. I have the sweatiest feet and palms. I was sliding all over the mat.

The class was relaxing and I felt like I had done something really good for my body. I felt loose and de-stressed. Moving my body in ways I don’t typically do seemed to melt away all of my tension. The next day I was so sore! I would have never though yoga would make me sore.

After that first class I’m hooked. I’ve been back once and I’ve reserved another session on ClassPass for next week. Also to help will the sweaty slipping I bought grippy socks and gloves from the yoga aisle in Target – both only $9.99.

I think yoga will be something I incorporate into my fitness routine regularly going forward. And I actually really love the Ojas Wellness Center too. I have to really thank ClassPass for helping me find  out that I really like yoga and finding a studio I feel comfortable at.


If you are interested in giving ClassPass a try in your area be sure to use this link so that you can cut the wait list!