Model Co Power Lash Black Mascara Review

Two mascara reviews in one week?! Madness! Madness, indeed, but it must be done. Today I’d like to talk to you guys about the Model Co Power Lash Black Mascara. I don’t remember if I recieved this in my Birchbox or Ipsy bag. I think I actually received a Model Co mascara (different ones) from each subscription service so I just can’t remember which one came from where. I guess Model Co was making the subscription box rounds at the end of 2014.

I had always imagined Model Co as an inexpensive brand, not sure why, just did. But upon my research for this post I learned their prices were actually mid-range to high. Not sure why this really struck me but it did. The Power Lash mascara retails for $24 on the Model Co website, so that’s close to the higher end of mascaras.

Model Co Power Lash Black Macara Review

The Model Co Power Lash Black Mascara comes in a very simple black tube. I’ve confirmed on the website that the full size product is packaged exactly like the sample. The brand and name of the mascara is printed on the tube in pink and silver, respectively. The packaging is very straight forward, no frills or thrills.

Model Co Power Lash Black Macara Review

The brush is a very densely packed bristle brush. It’s difficult to really pick up on the detail of the brush as it picks up so much product. You can see a bit better on the Model Co website how the brush is made.

Model Co Power Lash Black Macara Review

Here is a more up close photo but as you can see the details of the brush are hidden by all of the product that grips on to those bristles. The massive amount of product build up on the brush was a bit troublesome at times and actually hindered the application of the product. If used straight out of the tube there was far too much mascara on the brush and the effect on the lashes was clumps galore. For a much nicer look I made a habit of wiping off the tip of the brush and scraping the brush off on the mouth of the tube 4 times, spinning the brush a bit between swipes. Wiping off all of the excess product helped a ton with application.

Before we get into how I liked the mascara lets take a quick look at the claims for this mascara on the Model Co website:
~Gives you the look of gorgeous, full, luxurious lashes
~Staying power
~Intensely black, lengthening mascara
~Glides on smoothly
~Draws each lash out to show-stopping size
~The unique brush reaches and beautifully lengthens even the tiniest of lashes

Model Co Power Lash Black Macara Review

I really loved the look this mascara gave. The lashes looked super long, dark, thick and glamorous. I really did love the mascara after I first applied it. Then the day went on and I would have to constantly bust out a compact mirror to wipe away the flakes. This mascara flakes so bad! It seriously flakes from the moment it dries until you take it off. I tried it several times over the course  of about 2 months to see if the formula would change a bit over time and stop the flaking but it didn’t.

Looking back at the claims let’s see how the product holds up:
~Gives you the look of gorgeous, full, luxurious lashes ✔ Love the way my lashes look
~Staying power ✘ Yes it stays on the lashes all day until you remove it but it flakes like crazy so obviously it doesn’t stay put well enough
~Intensely black, lengthening mascara ✔ Gives very black long lashes
~Glides on smoothly ✘ The product does have the ability to glide on smoothly but you have to wipe a ton of it off the brush first to achieve that ease in application
~Draws each lash out to show-stopping size ✔ Definitely lengthens
~The unique brush reaches and beautifully lengthens even the tiniest of lashes ✔ The brush definitely gripped to smaller lashes much better than other mascaras I’ve tried.

In conclusion, as much as I really love the look this mascara gives to the lashes the flaking just really kills it for me. I don’t want to make time to clean my under eye from mascara flakes every hour. That’s a pain in the ass. I wish with all my heart that the mascara didn’t do that because without the flaking it would have been darn near perfect. Sadly I cannot recommend this mascara.