Maybelline ColorSensational Rebel Bloom Line Review

 I was so excited for the Maybelline ColorSensational Rebel Bloom line. The colors looked so beautiful and I had nothing but great experience with the Maybelline lipsticks I already owned. Unfortunately, I can’t lump the Rebel Bloom line in with the Vivids and Mattes. This release fell extremely short of my expectations and many of the colors are just flat out really bad quality. I have lip swatch photos of the whole line below. I’m sure you can quickly tell that most of the colors have bad pigmentation and are far too slick on the lips causing uneven application.

The only two colors that stood out as not completely awful are Rose Rush and Orchid Ecstacy. These were the only two colors that packed a bit more pigment in them, applied evenly and didn’t exaggerate lip lines and dryness.

My ultimate suggestion would be to avoid this line entirely. Most of the colors are poor quality and they ones that are good aren’t good enough to warrent a purchase. I have a dupes post right here in case you were interested in one of the colors in the line.

barley bloomed

blushing bud

petal pink

hibiscus pop

power peony

lilac flush

orchid ecstasy

rose rush

coral burst

peach poppy

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