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Life Lately

life lately life latelylife lately

There’s plenty that goes on in my life that will never make its way into a blog post or video so I wanted to create a blog series specifically with the purpose of keeping in touch about life and all kind of other non beauty things. So expect a Life Lately post to show up once in a while.

I’m posting this on Monday but it’s currently Sunday as I’m writing this up and Sundays are a perfect place to start. Does anyone else feel like their weekends are incomplete without Walking Dead? Sunday comes each week and I just don’t know what to do come evening because I want to be watching Walking Dead but some butthead invented this thing called a “mid-season hiatus.” I would really like to give the inventor of the mid-season hiatus a swift kick to the shins. I was absolutely torn to pieces when Beth died and I feel like there is no way to heal my emotional wounds without continuing on with the rest of the crew.

Also on the TV front are you guys watching the Bachelor this season? I’m going to my mom’s house and watching it with her this week. To me Farmer Chris seemed really boring so I was hoping ABC would step of the craziness level of the bachelorettes. Let’s just say ABC did not disappoint and the previews of the season that aired last week were insane. We will see in due time how it all plays out but it certainly looks like Chris is going to get caught banging one of these wack-a-doodle chicks.

That’s all I have for you on the TV front. I can’t handle too many shows at once.

Checking in on my goals for 2015, I’ve actually started taking steps towards achieving them. I bought a few lipliners recently and I’ve moved them out on top of my desk so I see them and remember to use them. I’ve also started filming a decluttering series for my YouTube channel. I think the first video will be going up next week. Just from filming the bases/bronzer/blushes/highlighters I have a feeling I’m not going to be getting rid of much. Oops. But I did find many things I was unsure of and needed to test out so I’m hoping that process will help weed out things I don’t need. And in regards to taking better care of my hair I’ve spoken with a hairdresser friend of mine and I’ll be getting a trim this upcoming weekend. Tackling 3 of my 6 goals isn’t so bad at all, especially considering we are less than two weeks into the new year.

Me and Austin have been trying to cook more at home. We actually are typically really good about making food at home and not ordering out much, but half way through November until the end of the year we were so busy. With so much running around to do we ended up eating out a lot so we are making our way back to preparing meals at home again.

I’ve been trying to read a bit more. I know it’s the best way to improve my writing, but I never make time to do it. Over the past week though I’ve made time to go to bed a bit early and read a few pages before I hit the hay. I’m hoping to make a habit of this but I always seem to fall out of it so we’ll see how that works out.

Ok, this post is getting long, but there is one other thing I wanted to talk about and its more of a rant. I just can’t stand when stores have things online but not actually in the store. Our local Nordstrom doesn’t carry in-store Tom Ford or Charlotte Tilbury. And it’s like I really want to buy things from those lines but given the hefty price tags I want to see them first so I can be sure I’m getting exactly what I want. It seriously drives me crazy. I’m not going to drive nearly an hour to a different store just to swatch lipstick. I don’t understand why the samplers can’t be in every store, even if they don’t carry the stock in-store. I would be more than happy ordering if I could see the stinking colors first. Ugh. Alas I cannot, so at some point I’ll be making a pricy purchase on Nordstrom.com to get a few things and crossing my fingers that they aren’t awful on my coloring.

I guess that’s plenty of random chatter for one day. I hope yall have a delightful week and we shall chat again soon!


So since I’ve typed and scheduled this post so crumby stuff has happened so why not share it and vent here on the blog. I was walking out to my car this morning and slipped on the damn ice. Luckily I fell forward instead of backwards, because I feel like people always get hurt more falling backwards. But I did fall and my ankle twisted under me so I’m stuck on the couch today, propping my foot up and trying to not feel so stupid for falling on the ice. It makes me made because I was actually taking my time and putting energy into walking carefully. Ugh. So that’s annoying and I called out of work since I was just a mess this morning when it happened.

A few things I’ve learned this morning:

  • Maury is still fabulous trash T.V. (Shout out to Amber for recommending I watch it – good call)
  • I adore Kelly and Michael. Wish I could watch them every day. What a perfect pairing.
  • The Meredith Vieira Show is kind of boring, but there isn’t much else on at 11.
  • The Real put me to sleep so ummm I guess it was a boring episode.
  • I love Queen Latifa.