Lessons Learned in 2014

While I was doing a bit of digging into my posts for my Favorite AmandaPhenomenon Posts of 2014 post I came across a post from the end of last year about the lessons I learned in 2013. I completely forgot that I wrote this! What a great idea! (pats self on back) so let’s take a whack at this again and reflect on what I’ve learned this year.

Lessons Learned in 2014

  • It’s incredibly hard to break a habit, especially someone else’s habit. While I pretty much knew what I was getting into when moving in with Austin I did encounter quite a few things that quite frankly just bug the crap out of me and I’m pretty sure I’m just going to have to get used to. My boyfriend has several habits that drive me completely bonkers – leaving dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, putting candy wrappers back in the candy dish, and accumulating hoards of half-drank water bottles on his night stand. I have a sneaking suspicion that these little things will never change and I guess that’s all part of just learning to fully accept your partner for all of their quirks.
  • It feels amazing to finally live sans family and roommates. Though bills are never fun, I absolutely love the freedom that comes along with having my own space (with Austin of corse, but that’ another thing I love). I love environment is complete under mine and Austin’s control. I can finally decorate the space in accordance with my own taste. It finally feels like I’m at home.
  • I absolutely love blogging and making YouTube videos and creating content. Creating is what makes me happiest. I put a lot of time and effort into my posts and videos. Even though it’s not profitable I can’t imagine a better use of my time because it just brings me so much joy. As long as I’m happy doing this I am going to continue to work hard on it everyday. Would I love to make this my life and my living one day? I mean what blogger wouldn’t want to be creating full-time?! But I think it’s far more important to be creating content that I enjoy, that I’m proud of, that continues to improve in quality over time, and that someone out there in the world will enjoy.
  • I really, really need to invest in lighting. It is just such a pain in the ass to trying filming multiple videos on weekend mornings and afternoons but I have no choice during fall and winter when there is no light out when I get home from work. It’s especially frustrating when a good idea strikes on Monday and I have to wait until Saturday to bring it to life. I’m really quite over it so at some point this year lights for filming will be bought.

There’s much more that I learned over the course of the past year but these points were the easiest to put into words. Life is a journey and if you stop learning you stop living. I ave this wonderful outlet for publicly sharing what I’ve learned, but I encourage all of you to take a look back and reflect on what you’ve learned this year and make a conscious effort to keep these lessons with you going forward.

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