Goodbye 2014


As I’m typing there are 14 minutes left in the year 2014, Gwen Stefani is on TV performing her awful new single (sorry it’s just so bad) and I’m laying on the couch with my boyfriend in the comfort of our own apartment.

I can’t say that many things have changed in my life this year. To be honest I can only pinpoint two significant changed: 1. me and Austin moved into our first apartment together and 2. I have a new little cousin, McKenna. While these were the only major changes I experienced I am more than happy with them and thankful that they were both positive changes.

2014 wasn’t the best or worst year in my life, but it was a solid year. I’ve loved living with Austin in our own space and finally having control over the way my home feels. Working on the blog and my YouTube channel has been so rewarding. Admittedly I’d love to up my readership and viewership, but that’s a goal to take into the new year (I’ll have a whole other post up about 2015 goals).

Overall 2014 wasn’t bad at all and I’m happy to leave it on a cozy, loving note.

Thank you to anyone who has supported me over the course of the past year and I hope 2015 brings everyone continued happiness and success.

Cheers and goodnight!