Current Makeup Bag Essentials

makeup bag

Admittedly I don’t carry a makeup bag with me at all times, but I always have one in my work bag because you don’t want to be looking busted in the workplace. This is a general look at work I might keep with me on most days.

  • Fragrance. As a general rule I think it’s just a good idea to keep a body mist in your purse because you never know when things might get stinky. I personally like to keep it with me because I have a habit of forgetting to wear deodorant. Oops.
  • Eyeliner. Eyeliner has a tendency to wear off of the waterline so I keep a small one with me whenever I wear it.
  • Hand sanitizer. Because life gets dirty.
  • Lip/cheek stain. I like to keep a stain with me incase I forget to wear a lip color. I always feel a bit naked without some kind of color on my lips.
  • Lip product of the day. The day I shot this photo I was wear the pictured Urban Decay lipgloss so I put it in the photo. I always keep the lip product I’m wearing that day in my purse.
  • Lip balm. You always need a lip balm. Chapped lips don’t discriminate.
  • Powder and a brush. My nose gets a bit shiny during the day so I just powder that shine down a bit.
  • Nail polish remover. Chipped nails don’t look professional and don’t belong in the work place. You have no idea how often I get asked if I have nail polish remover.
  • Bobby pins. No need for an explanation.
  • Refreshing spray. When you work an 8 hour day chances are you’ve really be wearing your makeup for closer to 9 or 10 hours before you leave the office. A refresher spray keeps you from having cake face and is a must have when you have after work plans.

These are the things I like to keep with me most of the time. Clearly they don’t all fit in that glitter bag in the picture but it was really cute. What do yall keep in your makeup bags?