Beauty Products Decluttering – My Concluding Thoughts

eye products decluttering

With my decluttering series now over I wanted to bring everything full circle with a post on my concluding thoughts.

Going into this project I was pretty certain I wouldn’t be getting rid of a ton of stuff so I wasn’t surprised with the outcome. Relatively speaking, my collection isn’t huge and I knew I wasn’t mentally ready to really be saying bye to everything. Actually, I let go of more than I was anticipating and I think that’s great. I’m really happy with the progress I made considering this was my first attempt at a full collection declutter.

This project helped me rediscover many products I love, but somehow forgot about and it made me very aware of how much makeup I have. I’ve made a conscious effort to not purchase nail polish for nearly the past year, and after going through my whole stash I really don’t need to be buying anything. With that said I know I’m going to end up buying things here and there. I’m hoping that going forward I’ll reflect back to this experience before I hit the check out line with a basket full of goodies. I’ve spent so much money on all of the makeup I already own and I want to get as much value out of these items as I can. Continuing to add to the stash is just decreasing the value I get from everything I already own since makeup does expire.

Within the process of decluttering I definitely struggle the most with letting things go that I don’t love. I feel this insane urge to finish things, even if I don’t love them. If I really don’t like something I let it go, but if it’s so-so and I know I can work with I always feel the need to finish it. This is what keeps me from getting the most out of the products I really love – spending all my time on the products that are just ok. I’m not sure what change I need to make in my brain to get out of this habit but I’m hoping to figure that out.

I guess the biggest thing I’m taking away from this project is that my ass don’t need to be buying anything for a while. I’m going to try as hard as I can to stick with just my subscription boxes. I guess we will see in due time how well that goes.

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