The Look for Less – Red Suede Pumps

Hey yall hey. Let’s start today’s post off with a little story time. This year I knew I wanted some red heels, not only for the holiday season, but also because I’m a little bit cheesy and wanted some matching shoes for days I wore red lipstick. Red is really a color you can wear year-round so I would be able to wear these red heels year-round. I only had one requirement for these shoes beyond them being red and that was I didn’t want too tall a heel so that I could wear them comfortably to work. The padding in my feet is pretty much shot so anything over 4 inches is a bit crippling.

So, in the holiday shuffle I really hadn’t been actively searching out these red heels but I had been living on the J. Crew website just browsing around because why not? That’s when I found these.

J Crew Red Suede Kitten Heel

A red suede kitten heel! Brilliant! Suede is classic and a kitten heel is the perfect height to comfortably walk around the office. I loved these, but being J. Crew they are $198, and at this point are only available in one size. Even with the holiday sales that’s more money than I was looking to spend. Trust me, I understand the value of investing in a really great well made shoe, but I’m not living that kind of baller status at the moment in my life so expensive shoes are off the table (for the time being).

You will see from a haul video I’m going to post soon that I’ve had a recent love affair with Old Navy. I think I’ve made 3 purchases at Old Navy, in-store and online, since black friday. I can’t stop myself. They have such great stuff this year. Anyway, I was browsing online, filling my virtual cart with every item I scrolled past when I hovered my cursor right over these bad boys.

old navy red suede pump

They are a bit taller than the kitten heels, 3.5 inches, but still pretty short. Online it says they are suede, but I’m sure it’s faux. At $29 (when I purchased them, now marked down to $18!!!) they were only a fraction of the cost of the J. Crew shoes so you better believe they went right into my cart. I didn’t want to recommend these shoes immediately without giving them a test run, but now after wearing them I feel comfortable saying these are a great inexpensive find. They looks so comparable to the far more expensive shoe, they’re comfortable, easy to walk in, and most importantly they look awesome. So happy I bought these!

I’m sure the J. Crew shoe is probably made sturdier and with higher quality materials, but it’s not like I’m going to be wearing these shoes every single day so it’s going to take quite some time to acquire wear and tear ever on this lesser quality shoe.

I could not be more smitten with my new red suede pumps and if you are looking for a pair I highly recommend ordering the Old Navy ones.

vince camuto red suede heels

Just to share, if I were to spend a more significant amount of money on some red suede shoes I would definitely go for these ones. At 4.5 inches they are a little bit high, but I think I would be fine with the strap keeping me locked and loaded. These are $128.95. Not a terrible price in the world a shoes, but more than I want to spend at the moment. These are seriously gorgeous though.