Grande Mascara Review

 Hello world. I hope this post finds you well. I’m perched on the couch next to my boyfriend who is yelling at the TV. I’m guessing the game must not be going well. I might need a cookie to deal with this.

Anyway today I bring you my thoughts and opinions on Granda Mascara. I’d never heard of this brand before I got this mascara in my Wantable box. I actually hadn’t done a ton of research on the GrandeLash brand before today and that was intentional. I didn’t want any of the claims on the website to influence what I thought of the product.

grande mascara

The mascara tube comes in a half-schnazzy, half-tacky box packaging. It’s not entirely off-putting, but I don’t get the point of the flowers on the bottom of the box. The box vaguely mentions this is a “lash boosting formula” and that it’s from the makers of GrandeLASH – MD, which I’ve also never heard of. We also find out the it’s made in Italy. I love this aspect and have to applaud Wantable for sending out foreign products. Maybe it’s just me, but I think trying products from other parts of the world is quite exciting.

grande mascara

The tube itself is gorgeous. A simple, slim and sleek metal (I think) tube is painted gold and just has the name and description printed on it. I give this tube an A++ for style. The gold is classy and I love that the shape is simple.

grande mascara

The brush is quite average, not that it’s a bad thing, this is just what I consider to be a typical mascara brush. It’s a medium length bristle in an evenly spaced spiral pattern. The only thing I really didn’t care for about the brush is that it always, from my first use to my most recent use, comes out with a ton of product on the tip that needs to be wiped up. I cannot for sure credit this annoyance to the brush though as it could have more to do with the formula.

grande mascara

So, here are my lashes before application. They are what I consider to be quite average: not too sparse – not too full, not too long – not too short. I also have a strip of liquid liner thrown on.

A few positive aspects of this mascara is that it’s paraben free and (they claim) made from natural ingredients. I believe this product is mention to compliment their GrandeLash-MD product. I am not using that product so I won’t be speaking to how the two work together as a system.

From the box and the GrandeLash website the following are all of the claims made about the product:
~Instant extreme volume
~Healthier looking lashes
~Stimulates keratin to fortify lashes
~Longer and thicker dramatic lashes
~Shiner lashes
~Darker lashes
~Wide-eye effect
~Flirtatious lash fringe for a bold, curved and clump-free finish
~Precise, separated corner and bottom lashes
~Helps maintain the effect of GrandeLASH-md

grande mascara

Above is the mascara application. I want to say this is two coats, but I took these photos a while ago so I can’t say for sure. I didn’t use this on the bottom lashes. The bristles are too long for my liking for bottom lash application.

You can see the lashes are quite black. I don’t notice any length or additional curl. They do look a bit more volumized, but it is worth noting that there are a few instanced of lashes sticking together if you look closely. For me this is an everyday lash look – neither subtle nor dramatic.

Looking back on the product claims lets see how Grande Mascara performs:
~Instant extreme volume ✔ I wouldn’t personally use the word “extreme but there is definitely added volume.
~Length ✘
~Healthier looking lashes ✘ After using this consistently for quite some time I can say my lashes definitely look no different.
~Stimulates keratin to fortify lashes ✘ As the lashes look no different I would say no, it does not work that way.
~Longer and thicker dramatic lashes ✘ Thicker, yes, but longer and dramatic no.
~Shiner lashes ✘ Are shiny lashes a thing? Does that really matter?
~Darker lashes ✔ If it’s a black mascara it should no doubt do this.
~Wide-eye effect ✔ Most mascaras will do this.
~Flirtatious lash fringe for a bold, curved and clump-free finish ✘ This is not a bold look, its more everyday. There is no additional curve visible and there are a few lashes clumped together.
~Precise, separated corner and bottom lashes ✘ This is an interesting specific claim that you don’t hear often. You can see in the photo my inner and outer lashes actually aren’t coated as well as the center portion. It’s hard for me to get those lashes given the contour of my face.
~Helps maintain the effect of GrandeLASH-md I really can’t speak to this.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad mascara to try, but I wouldn’t personally purchase it. It retails for $24.95 and can only be found online so that’s a little more money and work to obtain it than I’m willing to put in given it’s performance. It was quite average. I don’t think it was bad but, it really didn’t blow me away and for that reason I can’t recommend this mascara.