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GlamNatural Black Mascara Review

 I’ve been working my way through so many mascaras lately and unfortunately not all of them blow me away. I really wanted to love the GlamNatural mascara because it is a more natural formula, but I knew not to expect too much because natural mascaras just don’t have the best reputation.

glamnatural mascara

 I received the GlamNatural Mascara in a Wantable beauty box. It retails for $28 (yes $28, that’s a lot) on the GlamNatural website for .25 fl oz of product. The packaging is definitely a miss in my option. The tube is clear so you see the black product, which makes the black stripes on the tube completely pointless. That was just a poor decision on the company’s behalf. Beyond that it just looks cheap and for $28 I would expect much more from the presentation of the product.

The brush head is what I personally think of as a standard spiralling bristle mascara brush. Unfortunately, the bristles are extremely stiff. The brush does not apply product evenly and the stiffness leads to some incredibly uncomfortable poking (or stabbing) situations. Once again, I was very disappointed with the design choices here.

And, if I may complain about the packaging one more time, I wanted to add that the mechanism in the tube that should scrape the excess product of the brush head doesn’t work so well either. The brush comes out loaded with product, which is a major issue because the formula is quite wet. This leads to one thing only – a hot damn mess. I wonder if it is the fault of the scraping mechanism (because I don’t know what else to call it) or if the brush bristles are just too stiff to be scraped off effectively. Either way, it makes the product far from user friendly.

On the positive side the product is vegan, gluten free, paraben free, and cruelty free. If those are things you look for in a company this mascara definitely meets those qualifications.

glamnatural mascara

 Pulling directly from the GlamNatural website here are the claims made about the product:
~Gorgeous wide-eyed
…and that is the only this the company explicitly proclaims on their website.

Well, I personally have to disagree with this one and only claim. I think the effect this product gives is far from gorgeous and wide eyes. I think the brush in combination with the mascara formula makes some lashes stick together. The lashes look skinny and wimpy. There is no volume or length. Nothing. This mascara does nothing to enhance the lashes.

glamnatural mascara


Overall, I think this is definitely a mascara to 100% skip. There are no redeeming qualities to it beyond the conscious way it’s made and honestly there is no point in going through all the effort of making such a conscious product if it’s just going to suck. For $28 I expect such a higher degree of quality. I wouldn’t even pay $2 for this. I really don’t want to bash the crap out of this product but there are just so many bad decisions that manifested in the creation of this bad product and I had to put it out there.