Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix Review

Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix

I purchases the Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix set around mid-November and have been using these lip crayons nearly everyday since. Unfortunately I cannot include a link to this set because it is no longer on Sephora’s website. As of yesterday these were still in stock at my local Sephora so I would highly recommend getting to Sephora quickly if this is a set you were eyeballing because I don’t believe this will be restocked after the holiday season.

Below are the 4 colors featured in the set.









I wanted to feature Pomegranate in a different photo format for two reasons.

1. I took this photo after eating so this shows how resilient these crayons are. The wear time is pretty great. There is still a ton of color left on the lips after food and drink. I found this to be consistent with all 4 shades.

2. The bleeding. The formula of these bite high pigment pencils bleeds into fine lines like crazy! Pomegranate is the worst of the 4 colors with the bleeding and the photo above is with a clear lip liner. I wore pomegranate last weekend to a coffee date with a friend and when I got home I was horrified at how bad the color had bled, mostly on the upper lip line.

The formula with all 4 pencils seems to be consistent. It’s a low shine cream finish. I don’t find the formula to be moisturizing nor drying. All of the crayons need to be used with a lip liner as they all bleed, which for me is really the only downfall of the product.

I guess the only other thing to really touch on is the packaging. I adore the red tin that the crayons come in. The tin is super sturdy and has a nice sized mirror on the inside as well. If you don’t care to keep your lip crayons in it I think it would be perfect for bobby pins and hair ties.  The pencil/crayon like tubes that the actual product comes in are an effective design. They are easy to roll up and seem to keep the product contained effectively so it doesn’t feel like it will break.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend this set. If you intend to give this set as a gift I would include a lip liner along with it.