Geri G Innocent Foundation Review

 Hello and Happy Saturday my beautiful readers. Today I want to talk about the Geri G Innocent Foundation that I received in my August Wantable Beauty Box (see everything I got in that box here).

Let’s start with the facts. The Geri G Innocent Foundation retails for $38 and you receive 1 oz of product. The bottle is clear plastic with a silver metallic lid. It comes with a pump dispenser which is always great for keeping the product hygienic. I also think the pump squirts out nearly the perfect amount of product so you don’t end up wasting too much product. This in a water based formula and the website boasts about it containing omegas, antioxidants, aloe vera, nanoamirne-5®, green tea, and white tea. Additionally this foundational contains no animal by-products and is not tested on animals.

From the box and the website these are all of the claims made about this foundation:
~Conceals imperfections
~Illuminates the complexion
~Glides on seamlessly
~Provides a sheer to moderate coverage (per the box)
~Soft smooth medium coverage (per the website)
~Natural matte finish
~Helps even skin tone
~Skin looks fresh and feels fresh all day long
~One pump is all you need
~Foundation will last all day and never need touch up
~In time you will see a noticeable difference in your skin texture, tone and over all health

We will come back to all of these claims at the end of the post. Below is the “before” photo of my face. You can see that on this particular day I had a bit of redness on my nose, chin, cheeks, and in the unibrow zone. I also had a few spots, many of which are just aways there and don’t bother me so much, and some that are just popping up to say hello.

Geri G Foundation review

I received the foundation in the shade light. When I received it in August I had just come back from 10 days at the beach and while I don’t tan very much, due to my SPF 50 addiction, I was just a bit too dark for this foundation so I let it sit for month or so while I got back to my usually glow in the dark shade of paleness.

I actually really like the packaging. It’s not cheap looking but it’s also not over-the-top. It’s functional and besides the metallic lid getting smudges I think it’s a great design. I like being able to see the color of the product and exactly how much is left in the bottle.


Below is a pump and a half of the product. You really only need one pump if you are using this with a brush, but I like to give all foundations an initial testing with my fingers since they really are the best tools you have. I find the when using hands to apply a foundation I will sometimes need a bit more product since some of it gets caught in my finger print ridges. The box and website do suggest using a brush.


So here is the final product. I feel like my overall complexion is evened out just a bit. Some of my redness is toned down and the lighter spots are covered up. To me is functions as a light to medium foundation, definitely not full coverage. It wore well for the majority of the day but did eventually start to look a bit dry in some areas (just for reference I have combination normal/slightly oily skin).

Now let’s take a look back at the claims made about the product:
~Conceals imperfections ✘ I had several spots that were still very visible after application
~Illuminates the complexion ✘ It has more of matte finish. There is really nothing illuminating about it.
~Weightless ✔ It is very light weight. This is not a foundation you are going to feel sitting on your face all day.
~Hydrating ✘ I would say it’s not hydrating. While it can appear dry towards the end of the day I don’t think it’s drying either.
~Glides on seamlessly ✔ It wasn’t too hard to blend onto the skin.
~Provides a sheer to moderate coverage (per the box) ✔ With my application I would say it was sheer/light coverage. I think it could easily be built to medium/moderate coverage.
~Soft smooth medium coverage (per the website) ✔ As previously stated with the right tools this could easily be built to medium coverage.
~Natural matte finish ✔ I’m so sure a matte finish is natural looking at least not on my face but it was none-the-less a matte finish.
~Helps even skin tone ✔ My skin tone was evened out just a bit.
~Skin looks fresh and feels fresh all day long ✘ I think that’s just a ridiculous claim. No matter what you are wearing you will start to feel slightly icky at the end of the day.
~One pump is all you need ✔ If using a brush as suggested one pump is sufficient.
~Foundation will last all day and never need touch up ✘ I always need touch up on my nose, especially during sniffles and sneezing season. Also I felt the need to spray on my MAC Fix + to combat the dry look towards the end of the day and I consider that a touch up.
~In time you will see a noticeable difference in your skin texture, tone and over all health ✘ I have no idea if that is true or not since I don’t wear it every day, but I generall have a hard time believing these types of claims from any color cosmetic product.


Overall, I think this is a good foundation for what I am looking for. I am a light to medium foundation kind of girl on most days. I don’t see anything wrong with letting some of your imperfections shine through. I think it helps keep you looking more like yourself and not so overdone. I also think this would be a great foundation to try if you are very strict about purchasing cruelty free. If you have more to cover or just feel more comfortable with a fuller coverage foundation I think this is one to pass on.


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