Lip Product Organization

Lip Product Organization


Hello all! It’s thursday night and I should be sleeping but instead I’m laying in bed typing out a blog post about organizing lipstick. Living on the wild side, right?

Anyhoot, I am quite happy with my lip drawer in my desk right now so I wanted to share it. Currently all of my lipstick fits perfectly in 3 lipstick holders with a bit of room to expand. 2 of the organizer are from byalegory and the other I found at Marshall. THEY ARE IDENTICAL!!!! And the one from Marshalls was only $9.99 (I think). I love finding a good deal.

Most of my lipgloss lives in a byalegory lipgloss organizer on top of my desk, which was far too tall to fit in this drawer. I think it’s actually quite cute having them displayed. The rest of my lipgloss, along with lipliners, chubby pencils, and balms live in the back half of the drawer neatly piled in a couple of repurposed birchbox lids. Birchboxes are the perfect size for organizing stuff. That’s a good enough reason alone to continue my subscription.

I suppose there really isn’t anything supper fancy about how I’ve organized my lippies but I just love how this drawer looks. It makes me so happy to open this everyday.

Good night yall.

Lip Product Organization

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