Kelly Yum Yum Dupes!

kelly yum yum dupes

It’s no secret that a ton of people were disappointed with the recent launch of the MAC Osbourne collection, not because the products were bad (since they were pretty awesome), but because MAC grossly underproduced enough product to meet the customer demands.

Since I think it’s ridiculous to go on eBay and pay way over retail for a lipstick, I decided to compile together a few dupes for the wildly popular Kelly Yum Yum. The most obvious answer is of course Candy Yum Yum, but I don’t have that one so we are going to work with a few picks from my collection.

Going left to right: MAC Pink Pigeon, Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in Pink Rave, Milani Rose Hip, Maybelline Vivid in Fuchsia Flash, Wet’n’Wild Don’t Blink Pink, Kelly Yum Yum.

I personally think that Fushcia Flash is the closest match. It’s seriously so similar. The other ones are good options though if you are like me and need 3 dozen of the same color.

kelly yum yum dupes

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