Review: LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Coral



If you keep up with my blog to any extent then you may have read my previous  Laqa & Co. review and you already know that I was beyond disappointed to review another one of their terrible lip products in my Birchbox. My previous experience with Laqa & Co. was with their Fat Lip Pencil in the color Wolfman and it was literally the worst lip product I have ever use. It was drying and ugly and caught on every line or dry spot. Just not a good product. I tried to reserve my judgement of the Sheer Lip Lube Pencil until I actually used it, but – not going to lie – I pretty much expected to hate it. Unfortunately those expectations were dead on.

I received the coral lip lube (which is a weird name for a product) and it swatched wonderfully on the back of my hand. The color was really beautiful too. I really really wanted this product to work becuase the color was so lovely, but as with the Fat Lip Pencils the formula just sucks. The product is really glossy, but some how drying at the same time. The product deposits in every lip line you have and highlights every dry spot you have on your lips, even the ones you didn’t know were there.

I really really really hope that I am never sent a Laqa & Co. product again. This company is producing products with terrible quality and they are grossly overpriced. Don’t waste your money.

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