Review: Tini Beauty Straight Up Color Lipstick in Pink Champagne


I received this Tini Beauty Lipstick in Pink Champagne in my May Wantable Box. I was definitely nervous about receiving this because I really hated the Tini Beauty eye product that I received in last month’s box. It really sucked a lot so I was scared the lipstick would be awful as well.

The color is actually really nice. Pink Champagne is a medium rose color with small gold shimmers. The shimmers don’t make the lipstick look frosty, they just catch the light and give a golden glow to the lips. This is a really nice color for everyday use. It’s appropriate for the office but it’s not boring. I really liked the color on my lips. Pink Champagne just looked incredibly different from anything else I own. I was really happy that I received a new, different color and could make my collection a bit more diverse.

The texture is a bit rough and dry upon the first application or two. I’m not sure why that is, but after you break the lipstick in a bit it’s perfectly fine. The formula is so-so. It’s not crazy drying, but it’s not moisturizing either. I did apply a clear balm over the top after a few hours, just to keep my lips hydrated. You don’t need to have your lips perfectly exfoliated to wear this color, but the application will look a bit better if you do. Your lips won’t look insane if you don’t exfoliate, though.

According to Wantable this product retails for $18. As with many of the products I have received from Wantable, I don’t think the performance warrants the high price tag. I think you could easily find a comparable product at the drugstore if you like the look this product gives. $18 is a lot of money for the lipstick to not supply me with great moisture on top of amazing color payoff. While I don’t hate this lipstick I can’t recommend spending $18 on it. If I do happen to receive more Tini Beauty products in subscriptions I really hope I get the lipsticks since I know they aren’t awful, but overall I think Tini Beauty is not a great brand and the products are not a good value.

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