Review: Pla Beauty Cheeky Blush in Blushing


blushing blush

Today’s post is all about the Pla Beauty Cheeky Blush in the color Blushing that I received this month in my Wantable Box. In the pot the color is a little bit concerning since it’s so light. I’m quite fair so I figured if it doesn’t show up on me it won’t show up on anyone. To my relief it did show up on my skin, but color has a different appearance on the skin than in the pot.

Before we get further into the application I’ll tell you guys a little bit about the product. Pla Beauty is supposed to be eco-friendly and paraben-free, definitely a plus in my book. It’s a bit hard to read the label on the bottom of the packaging, but I think it says there is .11 oz of product. That could be a lie, though, because I couldn’t find product amount on the Pla Beauty website to confirm this amount. The texture is silky smooth and just a bit dusty, but that doesn’t reflect as too powdery on the face.

Once applied to the cheeks the look is similar to that of the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed. It doesn’t look like the color in the pan, but rather it just gives the cheeks a subtle color. It looks more like a natural flush than a noticeable blush. I think this is a great color for a “no makeup” makeup look. I think, for me, this is more of a fall/winter color since I prefer to be a bit more bold in spring and summer.

If you are more than a shade or two darker than me I would completely pass on this color. Pla Beauty has several other colors, but I can’t speak to how those work. I think $22 is just a little bit too expensive for this blush, although I’m not sure I would be of the same opinion if I had received a bolder color. This is a really nice product, but I think the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed give the same effect and it look better. I would go with the Tarte product over this one.

I’m glad I received this product. I know I keep saying that many of the Wantable Box products are not worth the high price tags listed on the box’s print out, but that’s exactly why getting the box is fun. I’m sent things that I would otherwise never buy. Although I so really like this month’s box so much better than last month’s I still am left with the feeling that it could be even better. I’m going to refine my profile again and see how next month goes. If I’m still not blown away I will likely be canceling this box.