Review: Mirabella Glowing Coral Highlighter

glowing coral

glowing coral

glowing coral

This month one of my Wantable Box items was the Mirabella Brilliant Mineral Highlighting Powder in Glowing Coral. The product definitely wins in the packaging department. The powder is pressed in a beautiful waving pattern which really helps to show off all the golden shimmer.

The color, very aptly named Glowing Coral, is a coral loaded with golden shimmers. On the skin, or at least my super pale skin, a very slight coral is apparent as well as a boatload of super noticeable gold shimmers. They are not as finely milled as I would personally prefer for highlighter. The shimmer is just way too obvious for my liking for day time wear. I can only see myself reaching for this on summer nights. The coral would work nicely with a tan and the larger shimmers could be pretty in a bar/club/party setting. I think it would be far more lovely at night when you don’t have the advantage of the sun already bouncing off of your skin.

The formula is smooth and easy to apply. Those shimmers stuck to my skin all day long. The wear time was actually quite impressive. There is a very faint smell to the product, but I can’t really place exactly what it is and it’s not distracting at all.

As I mentioned before the powder is presently beautifully. The actually packaging is well thought out as well. It’s quite simple and not super special, but I love that the lid is clear so you can see the beautiful powder. This would be a nice piece to keep on out on your vanity.

The Mirabella Brilliant Mineral Highlighter Powder costs $38, which more than paid for my entire box. While I do think it’s beautiful and honestly can’t stop staring at it, I don’t think I would purchase this on my own because I am going to get very limited use out of it. I think if you live somewhere that is always warm and you have a year-round tan, this could probably be a lovely addition to your collection. It’s hard for me to say if I really think it’s worth $38 or not. This product isn’t bad at all, but at the same time $38 seems a bit steep for a brand that people really only know from beauty subscriptions. I’m torn on this one. I would say if you think you would like it just go for it, but if you are pale like I am you won’t be missing anything.

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