Review: Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus in Absolute Black

eddie funkhouser

Hey y’all hey! It’s almost Friday! Woot woot! Today I’m bringing you a review for the Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus that came in my May Wantable Box.

Let me just get right to the point – I love it. This eyeliner is very black. It wears very nicely and does not smudge over the course of the day. The brush stylus glides smoothly and fit into the lid easily so there is no unneccessary fraying of the hairs. The brush distributes evenly and makes it very easy to make a line of any thickness.

I think the biggest thing I can say about this is that it’s so easy to use. I really do enjoy how this eyeliner takes a couple of minutes off of my daily routine.

The Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus sells for $10.99, which is incredibly reasonable. I definitely recommend this product and would totally repurchase it. It’s amazing. Done. Period. Thank you Wantable!

eddie funkhouser

eddie funkhouser


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