Review: City Color White Gold Mousse Eyeshadow and Highlight

white gold

white gold

white gold


Hey yall hey! Today lets talk about the City Color White Gold Mousse Eyeshadow and Highlight that I received in my April Ipsy bag. In the container this product is a whipped mousse that’s white in color and loaded with gold shimmers. On the skin it just appears as gold shimmers.

The color name is a bit deceiving the white blends away on the skin. On the eyes I think the white could have given an interesting look. As a highlight I’m glad the white blends away because I don’t want a big white stripe on my cheek bones. The gold shimmers are densely packed and give are a beautiful color.

The tub of product actually has a stopper under the lid to keep the product packed down. I don’t find it necessary since the mousse is thick and likely not going to fall out anyway, but I suppose its a nice extra touch if you for some reason anticipate your tub being flipped upside down. The texture of the product is a very sticky, thick, whipped mousse. Because it is so thick a little bit goes a very long way. You only need to get a tiny dot of it on your finger or brush to cover an area equivalent to the swatch pictured above.

As the name suggests this is a multi-use product so I used it both ways so that I could report the result of each. I don’t love this product as a highlight. I think the densely packed gold shimmer is just too intense for wear on my face. I can see some people liking it for that use, but it was just too much for my everyday face. Maybe it would be more suitable for a Saturday night out clubbing and dancing. As an eyeshadow, the color is a lovely all over wash. You will need to use an eyeshadow primer because it does crease on its own. You could also use it as a color base for a powder shadow, but you’ll want to work quickly, one eye at a time, because the product sets quickly. If you applied a thicker layer you may have more time to work with it, but I feel like that would be really heavy and uncomfortable on the eyes.

City Color’s website lists this product as $3.99. With the Ipsy coupon code, 14IPSY20WGm you get 20% off which comes to $3.19. I would say that price is in line with the product performance. The color is pretty, but this is not by any means the most amazing thing ever. It’s ok. I don’t foresee myself using it a ton. It’s much easier to use a more solidified cream, like a paint pot type product. I can’t recommend buying this product simply because I don’t love it. I don’t hate it, but there are better options.

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