Review: Sumita Color Intense Pencil in Suman




Happy Monday yall! I’m feeling like absolute poop! Meh, I just didn’t sleep when last night at all. Oh well, the show must go on.

If I’m being completely honest I have to tell you guys I’ve only worn this once. Since the season’s are finally a’changing my eyes have been all sensitive and water. Thanks allergies, love ya, mean it!

I do believe I can give you guys a good summary from my one use though. The color does appear intensely black when applied. The pencil is ridiculously creamy and glides on softly like the fur of a baby bunny (dramatic? I’m feeling weird today). There is no tugging or pulling involved. Using this pencil makes life super easy.  I only applied this on my water line so I can’t speak about other uses. As far as water line use is concerned though, this is amazing. It stays put pretty much all day. This bad boy didn’t go anywhere. What a joy!

Overall, even though I haven’t used it a ton yet, it seems to me to be an awesome value. The quality is on point and it wore forever. The full-size pencil is only $11 and that’s a steal compared to many of the good quality high-end pencils. It takes me forever to use up an eyeliner pencil since I don’t always use them a ton, but I would definitely consider repurchasing in the future.

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