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Review: Miss Jessie’s Original Quick Curls

miss jessies quick curl cream

Hello yall and happy Thursday! Today we are talking about Miss Jessie’s Original Quick Curls which claims to be “The Best Darn Curl Cream Period.” I have issues with that statement – lets discuss.

My first issue with the product, and I’m not sure if we should blame Miss Jessie or Birchbox for this, but I hate how we were sent this product. There is enough product for several uses that was sent to us, but it was sent in a foil packet. How on earth am I supposed to store this without making a mess. I hate foil packet packaging, but at least it makes sense for single use items. In this case someone really dropped the ball.

Packaging rant aside, the product is a decent curl cream. I distributed the product through my damp hair the same way I would use any other curl cream and the result was the look I am usually going for. I suppose that can be counted on the pros list for Miss Jessie.

On the cons list would be how the product wears in your hair. Instead of soaking into the hair the product sticks around as a sticky coating over the hair. It’s not so terrible on the first-day hair, but come second-day the hair has the weirdest feel. It looks perfectly fine but you can’t comfortably run your hands through your hair because it honestly just feels gross. It’s sticky and strange. I tried using less product and still ended up with the same result. It makes me not want to touch my hair at all. There really is no other word to describe is besides icky.

While Quick Curls does deliver a nice curl look, the film is leaves on the hair just doesn’t make this product a good investment in my opinion. There are plenty of other wonderful curl products that don’t leave the same stickiness on the strands.

I will note that I cannot say for sure how this product would perform and wear for people with straight hair wishing to hold a curl. It might give a completely different result.

I can say with a good deal of certainty that if you are already a curly/wavy haired girl  there are better products to use on your hair. Miss Jessie is not your home girl. I was happy to try a new curl cream and for that I won’t fault Birchbox, but seriously someone at that company needs to give all these damn foil packets the boot.