Review: ‘Tini Beauty Eyetini Eye Cordial Shadow + Base in Dirty Martini

dirty martini

Today’s Wantable box product review is for the ‘Tini Beauty Eyetini Eye Cordial Shadow + Base in Dirty Martini.

Can we talk about how this color looks like baby diarrhea, or a wart covered toad, or rancid hot garbage?

Disgusting color aside the product itself does not function well. I tested it out as a shadow and that didn’t go so well. The color does not blend out well nor does it blend with other colors or powder shadows well. You have to blend out the edges quickly because it dries quickly, but the effect is really spotty and uneven. It also doesn’t blend with other colors well because of how it dries down. Once this polish is dry it is not moving at all. Inability to move the product makes blending with another product pretty much impossible.

To touch on the color again, who the hell where this kind of green. I found like two shadows in my collect that this could possibly be used as a base for, neither a really great match. All of that doesn’t matter much though since, once again, the product dries super fast and won’t serve well as an adherent surface.

Would you like a good laugh? This is valued at $18. I die.

Overall, I hate this product. Could you tell? Even if it were a more flattering color I’m not sure it would be usable either as a shadow or base. I sincerely hope I never get sent eye products from this company again.

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