Review: Sorme Jet Liner in Sapphire


sorme jet liner

The Sorme Jet Liner in Sapphire is definitely the product that convinced me to keep my Wantable box this month instead of returning it. I have been dying to try a blue liquid liner and this sweet little guy filled that hole in my life.

This liner is royal blue. It’s dark enough for be fine for the office, but this adds a little something special to your look. I’ve been wearing this liner for the past few days. you do have to get close up to see that it’s blue. It appears to be the black liner I usually wear from a far, but the magic kicks in when you get a closer look. One a daily basis I don’t do a ton of eye makeup, it simply don’t have the time, so using this blue liner is a great way to jazz up your look and add a little something special without having to spend more time on your makeup.

So clearly I love the color. The packaging is simple but effective. The product is housed in the bottom well and the pointed applicator is attached to the lid. I think it’s really easy to apply and I don’t typically have any boo-boos to touch up after. The only thing I would note is that the product settles a bit in the well so you do need to shake very well before use so that the color applies completely opaque instead of a little watery.

Now to address the price. The Sorme Jet Liner, according to the Wantable invoice, retails for $16. I feel the same way about this product as I do about the Face Stockholm Want-A-Blue Nail polish. I love this liner but it is way over priced. I could easily find a similar product in the drugstore. I could probably buy two or three different blue liquid liners to try out at the drug store for the same price as just one Sorme Jet Liner.

Overall, I would not repurchase this product. I am fairly certain I could get the same type of product much more affordably. If for some reason I really hated every less expensive option out there, then I would totally repurchase this – but that’s a really big if. I am glad that I received this in my Wantable box.

(I was curious so I did a quick search on Ulta and there are at least 6 dark blue liquid eyeliners $8 or under)

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