Review: Face Stockholm Lip Liner in Rochelle

face stockholm lip liner

If I am being completely honest, I’m really just not much of a lip liner girl for no other reason than I am too lazy to take the extra step when I’m putting my face on in the morning. Because of that I wasn’t the most excited when I saw this product in my Wantable box, but I decided to give it a fair review. This is a lovely color so I sucked up my laziness and gave this liner a whirl.

This lip liner is in the color Rochelle, which on me is a dark rosy-hued red. I lined and filled in my lips with it and then just topped it with a clear gloss. This color really shocked me with the way it brightened up my whole face. I feel like it make my skin look brighter and my eyes look bluer. It even made my teeth appear white. Craziness! As I mentioned before I am a little to lazy to deal with lip liner so this would not be an everyday product for me. However, if I were going to an event or wanted a special color for going out at night I would definitely go to this lip liner.

The product is very creamy and applies smoothly and evenly. It even applies easily over a lip balm. The color blends easily into anything that’s already on your lips. This is a pencil that requires sharpening as opposed to a twist up. I know some people prefer the twist up so that they don’t loose product while sharpening the pencil. Other people prefer to sharpen so that they can have a sharper edge to work with. I personally have no preference so I didn’t mind the product as is. I honestly don’t think you would need to even sharpen this pencil often. The product is so pigmented and a little bit goes a very long way. I filled in the entirety of both of my lips and the pencils still have a decently sharp point.

As far as value goes, I’m going to sound like a broken record about these Wantable box products, but I think you can find a similar product much less expensively. This product retails for $17 according to the Wantable invoice. I would never pay that much for a lip liner since they aren’t really my thing. But, even if I was smitten with lip liner I wouldn’t buy this one. I have an e.l.f. lip liner that performs well and was somewhere between $1 and $3. I am glad this one was sent to me, but I would not seek it out on my own.

I wasn’t really blown away by anything in my April 2014 Wantable box, but I did really like several things. I’m hoping next month to receive something that really makes me think, “Damn! I would totally pay full price for this.” Until then, be sure to check back for my Ipsy bag, Birchbox, and Julep Maven product reviews.