Review: Julep Nail Color in Caitlin


You guys this nail polish color is major eye candy. It’s the most neon, bright, happy pink with extremely small microshimmer. I’m not sure how Julep did it but they managed to make a neon nail color that isn’t super sheer, flat, or matte. This color is shiny and bright and beautiful. I absolutely am in love with this color. Lovvvveee it!

Now lets talk about how Caitlin actually works. This polish was completely opaque in two coats. It has microshimmer that are not visible from a far, but you can see them up close. The formula was easy to apply. It wasn’t too thick or too thin. The only issue I have with this polish is that it wore off of my tips very quickly, like in a day’s time. It usually takes a few days for my tips to wear down. It’s not the biggest issue but it is a little bit annoying because the manicure ends up looking old in just one day. I did not experience chipping so that’s good news. I just wish it didn’t wear down so quickly. It’s not even just worn on my dominant hand. Both hands wore down quickly and I wasn’t even being hard on my hands. I didn’t do any cooking, cleaning, or typing because I was at the ocean for the weekend. Honestly, I was really surprised but I didn’t experience that with the last Julep polish used to hopefully this is an isolated incident.

This nail polish is listed as $14 on the Julep website. It’s $11.20 for you are a Julep Maven member. I was sent this in my Julep Maven Box, in which I was sent a total of two nail polishes and one blush. If I divide the cost of the box (about $20) evenly between the three products then I paid about $6.67 for this polish. I would repurchase this polish at the box price which might be a possibility if they sent out a really good coupon code. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend this polish. I think that $14, and even $11.20 is too much to pat for this polish given how quickly the tips wear. I would consider repurchasing it (on the rare occasion that I actually finished the whole bottle) if it were around the $6 price tag, but I wouldn’t go any higher than that. Normally I wouldn’t even be ok with the price being that high. As I’ve said before I love the JulieG polishes and they are only $3.99, but I really haven’t found a neon pink that is opaque as this one. For that reason I would say, if you can purchase this polish on some sort of sale I would go for it, but don’t pay too much for it because it’s not miraculous.

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