Review: Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in 14. Acid Pink

acid pink

acid pink

acid pink

I’ve seen the Cailyn Tinted Lip Balms popping up all over Youtube so I’m really glad on came in my Ipsy bag, and I was even happier when I saw it was such a me color. The color, Acid Pink, is a super vibrant blue-toned hot pink. The finish is flat, but with a slight sheen. There’s no shimmer or glitter.

The packaging is definitely a different then what we are used to seeing for a typical lip product. I really do love that the lip brush is in the lid and I don’t have to carry around a separate one or stick my finger in the pot. With that being said, there is no way I could wear this out at night, which the color would be awesome for, because this packaging would not fit in a small purse or clutch. It just won’t. I can only wear this during the day time when I have my larger purse with me.

Let’s talk about the formula and incorrect naming of this product. This is not a balm. Do not purchase this product thinking you will get a balmy, glossy tint of color. The color is very pigmented and very dry. I preferred wearing it with a sheer gloss on top. Cailyn probably should have called this product a long wear lip color instead of a tinted lip balm. That label honestly makes zero sense. You could wear this on its own if you used a real lip balm first, otherwise you will definitely need a gloss. On the plus side, since it is quite dry it lasts forever and doesn’t need much touch up after food and drink.

I received this product in my Ipsy bag, which contained 5 products so I essentially paid $2 for it. The Cailyin Tinted Lip Balms regularly retail for $19 and you can get it for 20% or $15.20 with the code IPSYGIFT. Even with the discount this is not a good value. You can buy a Maybelline Vivid Lipstick in the color Fuchsia Flash For $8 or less depending on where you buy it and it is the exact same color. You don’t need a brush or funky packaging, and it’s far more moisturizing. If you like this acid pink color I would say go for Fuchsia Flash instead. If all the Cailyn Tinted Lip Balms are made in this same dry formulation I would recommend skipping the whole line. The package is a fun idea, but the product is poorly executed.

All that being said, I do like this product. I think it was a cool addition to the Ipsy bag and I will continue use it – I just wont repurchase it.


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