Review: Benefit Lollitint


I was so excited to see the Benefit Lollitint in my Ipsy bag. I’ve been wanting to try out the Benefit lip and cheek stain products for a while, but I didn’t want to purchase a full size of the product without knowing if I liked it or not. I know there are plent of Benefit gift sets that have smaller sizes of the stain but I just haven’t found a set that spoke to me. Lollitint is probably the color I would have went for first anyway, so I’m excited that it was sent out in the Ipsy bag.

The little tube of Lollitint came packaged in a small cardstock box that had application insturctions on it. I highly recommend that you take that box and throw it in the trash. Don’t read it, just trash it. The instructions said to dot the product on the cheeks and blend out from there. No! You cannot do that. This products begins to stain the skin as soon as you place it on your cheek so you will end up with little pink spots in the middle of your blush. It’s not a cute look.

I have a friend who said she uses her MAC 188 brush to apply it to her cheeks. I’m a little bit lazy and like to skip using a brush where I can. What I’ve started doing that works best for me is applying the product to the end of my ring ringer and smearing it on the cheek in one smooth swipe, then blending out from there. This gives me the best application and the stain wipes off of your finger for the most part. This eliminated the pink dots and the patchiness.

Now, you can’t leave this as it because it’s so bright. I apply the Lollitint on my cheeks over my tinted moisturizer and then I use my setting powder over top and that tones the color down a bit and sets it in so that it lasts all day.

I have worn this every single day since I’ve received it. It’s safe to say I love the Lollitint…as a cheek stain. As a lip stain, the Lollitint doesn’t do anything but make my natural lip color look patchy. I think it’s too close to my natural lip color so it’s kind of pointless to use it for lips. I didn’t really want to try it for lip staining purposes anyway so I’m not super bummed about it.

A full size Lollitint costs $30. I’m not going to rush out and buy it right away, because a little goes a long way and I’m sure the sample will last me a while. I will likely buy it once my sample runs out though and I recommend this to everyone. I think this would show up on nearly all skin tones. I love it. End of story. Done.

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