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The Basics

jean, white tee, leather jacket

Happy, beautiful Saturday yall! I am taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather today. I really really wish winter was over already. Cold weather depresses me. And I mean lay in bed and literally can’t function, should probably see a doctor depression.

This morning I had breakfast out with friends at Cafe Hon, which I don’t recommend. The food isn’t bad, it’s just boring and would probably taste better if you made it at home yourself. I’m a bit of a breakfast snob because it’s my favorite meal of the day. I have a major love affair with eggs so much so that my doctor told me to cool it down because I, a 24 year old decently healthy young woman, have high cholesterol thanks to my beloved eggs. Yeah…

Anyway breakfast with my friends was wonderful. And walking around outside was wonderful. And the beautiful natural light flowing into my room as I’m typing this post and taking photos for future posts is most magnificently wonderful. I’m going to soak it all in before the snow comes back.

I mentioned in my recent update post that I was going to calm down with all my shopping since Austin and I are looking to move soon. I sat down and wrote up a few short term financial goals for myself. Then I tackled the more daunting task of making a set of spending rules for myself to follow. I can tell you guys right now, this is going to suck so so so so much. I don’t mind when my money is going towards paying off my credit card (which is minor) or getting ahead on my student loan (which is major), but putting money into my savings account is what really hits me in the gut. Knowing I have the money and I can’t spend it on shoes, clothes, lipstick, owl mugs – it gives me a nervous tick. My boyfriend has actually told me that I get very moody when I haven’t shopped in a while. Insane, but the truth. I seriously do have a shopping problem so I think this break, though tough, will be a good cleanse for me.

With the new financial laws of land now set in my life, I’m going to have no choice but to shop my closet exclusively (unless I can talk my mom into buying my something) and come up with fun new outfits.

The most important key players in my closet for the next for months are going to be the basics. Everyone has a slightly different set of must-have basics depending on their aesthetic and lifestyle. For me I cannot live without jeans, a faux-leather jacket, and a white tee. These are the most versatile pieces in my closet. You can pretty much pair one of these pieces with anything else found in my wardrobe and a look can be created. Not to mention, they make a pretty badass look all paired together.

Jacket: Jack by BB Dakota from Cloud 9 Clothing
T-shirt: Target
Jeans: Paige Denim from Nordstrom Rack
Wedges: Soda from Dailylook

jean, white tee, leather jacket

jean, white tee, leather jacket