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My Work Day Morning Life-Hacks

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Life-hacks, a term relatively new to me, are basically tips and short cuts to make your life a little bit easier. Today I want to share my life-hacks for work day mornings, which for me are easily the hardest part of the day to be a functioning human being. I know these tips aren’t going to fit practically in everyone’s’ lives seeing as we all have different jobs and preferences, but this is what I do to make my morning a little easier.

  • Shower at night. I know many people like to shower in the morning to wake themselves up, but for anyone who has thick hair (myself) this is not practical. My hair takes hours to dry and thus showering in the morning is not an options especially in winter. Also just as a general time-saving, if you shower at night you can sleep in longer in the AM.
  • Pack your bag the night before. I typically don’t disassemble my work bag, but if there is something specific I need to take to work with me the next day I make sure to pack it the night before. I’m hardly awake enough in the morning to remember to wear deodorant so I doubt I’ll remember to pack some random item in the morning. Along those same lines, if you are taking your lunch to work be sure to pack that the night before as well so you can quickly grab it and go.
  • Plan your outfit the night before. I hate wearing the same outfit twice so for me this is particularly important. I can easily spend a half out just standing in front of my closet staring at it, confused as to what to wear. I don’t necessarily pull my outfit, but I always try to have an idea of what I want to wear.
  • Always keep your gas tank full. There’s nothing more irritating than hopping in your car on a morning when you’re running late and seeing that your tanks is in the red. It’s much easier to fill up any time in the evening than during rush hour in the morning.
  • Buy a Keurig. It’s cheaper and faster to make coffee at home.
  • Keep your daily vitamins and supplements at work. I know not everyone takes vitamins, but I do and much like my deodorant I will forget about them. It’s easier to remember to take them once I’m a bit more awake at work.
  • Keep easy, non-refridgerated breakfast items at work. I keep granola mixes and various nuts at my desk for mixing into my yogurt. It’s so much easier than toting them to and from the office each day. Just make sure you have containers that have a strong seal. You don’t want to be the person that attracts critters into the office.
  • Keep your everyday face makeup in a small travel bag. If you can’t get to putting your face on before you have to hit the road, then you will already have all the makeup you need in your travel bag. Just throw the makeup in your purse and apply in the bathroom quickly when you get to work. This of course is for emergencies only. It’s not cute to show up at work looking like a zombie.

These are the little tips and tricks I use to help me get through the morning and get to the office on time each morning. As I said, I know these won’t work for everyone, but if you are in a similar situation as I you may find a few of them helpful. Definitely leave in the comments below a few of your morning life-hacks.