Peplum Power

white peplum look

I will say this once and just once. For some the peplum was just a trend, but for others it was a really flattering new blouse option. For women like me with a little more shape on the lower half of the torso, the peplum was a breath of fresh air compared to the typically more fitted options. So as far as the peplum being in or out, I think if you only wore them because they were trendy then by all means shove your peplum to the back of your closet. If you really felt the peplum flattered your figure then ignore the trends and you do you girl!

For today’s look I paired my white peplum top with studded collar with a black blazer and jeans for a sophisticated cool look, perfect for happy hour drinks or dinner at a hip restaurant. I’m short so I’m usually in heels when I go out. For this outfit I went with my new faux-seude black strappy wedges. They are basically amazing.

Earrings: H&M
Blazer: Express
Top: Double Zero from Cloud 9 Clothing
Jeans: Paige from Nordstrom Rack