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My Cubicle Must-Haves

my cubicle must-haves

my cubicle must-haves

While most our us have employers that supply us with all the basics – pens, sticky notes, stapler, paper clips – these aren’t the only things we need in order to survive the work day (especially if you are particularly girly like myself). Thus I have compiled a carefully editted list of my cubicle must-haves. I excluded anything that does not constantly live on my desk like water, coffee, or  my wallet for buying lunch, as well as office supplies (even though I don’t techincally need 3 different kitten calendars, but actually I do).

  • Tissues becuase your cubicle neighbors don’t want to hear you sniffling all damn day.
  • Hand sanitizer because aren’t going to get up and wash your hands ever single time you use the afforementioned tissue.
  • Lotion because working with papers all day can really dry out your hands. Well lubricated hands are less suseptable to paper cuts!
  • Chapstick because in my opinion everyone should have chapstick on hand at all times.
  • Lipgloss because sometimes you need a little extra shine.
  • Mirror so that you don’t walk around after lunch with food in your teeth.
  • A healthy snack because we all get cravings from time to time. Don’t make the mistake of having Hershey Kisses on your desk. Have something healther sitting around instead. *Sidenote: these pumpkin seeds in particular are WAY too salty so I don’t exactly recommend them.
  • Mug because you can put anything in it. If you crave a warm drink you can make some tea and it will be perfectly insulated, but if you just want some water your mug works for that too.
  • Reading material because almost everyone has a slow day at some point.