Let It Snow Outfit of the Day

let it snow outfit of the day

Hello yall and happy snow day! Today’s post is the first in a series of holiday looks I’ll be posting all December. From casual to all fancied up I’ll have an outfit for any get-together you can think of.

It’s snowing here in Baltimore so I’m really happy I waited until this morning to shoot the look I wanted to share today. The ambiance is just lovely.

Today’s outfit is actually for an outdoor holiday gathering. It’s perfect for attending a tree lighting, caroling, shopping, picking out a Christmas tree, or simply romping around town. In my case today my family was supposed to watch the Annual Mayer’s Christmas Parade, but because of the weather it was canceled.

The most important thing to remember when planning your outfit for an outdoor activity during the holiday season is that no one really cares what is going on under your coat. To be completely honest, in these photos I still had on what I wore to bed the night before – leggings and t-shirt. For outdoor gatherings there is nothing better than a statement coat finished off with cute accessories and warm boots (mine are lined in fleece).

I’m personally a prints kinda girl but I realize a bright pink floral coat isn’t exactly for everyone. If you want pizzazz but don’t want to stand out too much I would recommend a bold pattern – plaid, houndstooth, or polka dots – or go for a color that may not be a typical “Winter” shade.

Hat: H&M, similar here
Glasses: Gucci, similar here
Coat: Tulle from Cloud 9
Leggings: Gap
Boots: Bamboo, similar here

let it snow outfit of the day