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Holiday Party Look Series – Lacy Blue Dress

family holiday party look

Hey yall! Here is my first (sorta) officially look in my holiday series. This look uses a classy mix of blue, black and gold, not the typical Christmas colors, to achieve a beautiful and sophisticated style. The lace gives the outfit a fancy touch, while the gold glittery belt adds the holiday sparkle.

I have plenty of red and a pinch of green coming up in many of my other holiday looks so I’m really happy I could start off with a really polished party look that doesn’t necessarily  scream Christmas. This is a look that could be repeated for any party all year-long.

I personally think this is a super versatile look. I originally envisioned this as a great look to be worn at a family gathering or when doing Christmas with your significant other’s family. Beyond that, I could honestly see myself wearing this just about anywhere.

If you want to get this look too I recommend buying a lace dress in a color that compliments your eyes. Working with the beauty that already exist in yourself and using the dress to enhance that loveliness is what this look is all about.

Dress: Pink Owl from Cloud 9, similar here
Necklace: Forever 21 (old), similar here
Belt: Steve Madden from Marshalls, similar here
Bag: Danielle Nicole
Shoes: Apostrophe from Sears, similar here

family holiday party look

family holiday party look

Danielle Nicole Bag