My Thoughts on the CoverGirl LipSlicks

Princess LipSlick


I realize that the CoverGirl LipSlicks are not a new product. I don’t want to write a review for a product that most people have probably already tried out so instead I’m going to give more of a commentary on my use of the LipSlick.

I bought this LipSlick in the shade Princess. You can see in the swatch below that it’s a very pretty pink. There’s nothing stand out or incredibly unique about the color, but there doesn’t really need to be. Princess is pretty and was incredibly discounted so she came home with me.

When I first opened the product, which was actually in the car immediately after purchasing it, my first observation was that it smelled strange, not rancid or gross, but just really off-putting. The smell reminded me a lot of the really cheap children’s play makeup that I had when I was younger, a bit of an almost plastic smell. The scent immediately took me back to the early 90’s which was nostalgic and odd. I decided that this just wasn’t a scented product and thus the “unscentedness” caused the weird smell.

The first few days I used the LipSlick and all was well in the world. It applied well, the color was cute, and the smell wasn’t very noticeable when applied. Then a few more days passed and I started noticing my lips were getting monster chapped and the dryness extended to a small perimeter around my lips as well. I have to admit I was actually impressed with how bad the LipSlicks were. It must be a lot of hard work to create a product that not only chaps my lips but also the skin around them. I politely inquire: WTF!?

The CoverGirl website says that the LipSlick formula “helps keep lips soft, moist, and feeling their best.” Sorry CG, but I disagree.

I always feel really bad tossing out a product without finishing it completely, but in this case I’m more than happy to have my one and only CoverGirl LipSlick out of my like. There is literally over and inch of product left in the tube – such a waste (of my money). So long Princess.

Princess LipSlick Swatch