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Family Vacation in Hershey



My family went camping and to Hershey Park at the end of August. This was actually a family tradition that fell apart as me and my cousins got older. When we were kids we would go camping in Hershey every year.

Now when I say camping I don’t mean hiking out to a remote spot in the middle of the woods, digging holes to poop in, and hiding food from bears. We are what I like to call domestic campers. The campground, or as it’s now called the Hershey Park Camping resort, has plenty of bathrooms and showers, swimming pools, a playground, arcade and convenience store. Since its owned by Hershey there  is a free shuttle that takes you right to the park entrance, which is super convenient. I forget where I parked when I go to Walmart so I would really confused trying to find my car in a huge theme park parking lot.



Now that my little cousin Mya is old enough to enjoy the kiddie rides hopefully the family will reignite the yearly camping ritual.

What a cutie!



This is the newest coaster in the park, SkyRush. This was one of the most aggressive rides I’ve ever been on, definitely not for weenies. I loved it!


Fahrenheit was by far the biggest disappointment of the day. It broke down twice while we were in line to get on and then they closed it completely. So annoying! We wasted a good chunk of our day waiting in this huge line just for nothing.


The Great Bear, a classic. I only get on the steel rollercoasters. I hate wooden coasters. They are way too rattle-y and always give me head aches.


My favorite part about camping by far is sitting around the fire at night. Campfire is my favorite smell in the world. There’s something warm, comforting, and nostalgic about sitting around the fire with the people you love before climbing into a tent and drifting into dreamland.

Well yall, that was just a peek into what I’ve been spending some of my time doing while I’ve been on a mini-break from constant blogging.

I’m so sad that Summer is almost over and I won’t be able to spend as much time outside. Anyone that knows me knows that I detest cold weather and even cool weather (I will cry if I’m too cold). I love the heat so when the temperature takes a dip I tend to only go outside to get to or from my car.

I’m hoping to have a few new posts up this week so definitely keep an eye out for that. Thanks for reading yall!