Abstract Florals – Outfit of the Day

I was dying to wear this skirt all week, but I really wanted to get my haul done first before I played with anything I bought. I’m happy to report that not only is this size 6 a little to big (yay!) but, it also looks fabulous! I love the colors and the length and the pleats. Everything about it is super girly and perfect. I have a feeling this is going to be my signature piece for some time to come. Another thing I loved about it, and this is something us fabulous women often forget to keep in mind, is that its easy to move around in. It’s a gorgeous skirt that you can actually live in! I went to the grocery store, cooked a huge family dinner (see below), and drank with friends completely comfortably.

Top from Sears.
Skirt from J. Crew Factory.
Earrings by Betsey Johnson from ideeli.com.
Necklace from J. Crew Factory.

How beautiful is that print!? Swoon!!

Flats from H&M.