Review: Lush Blousey Shampoo

Strike out number two for Lush shampoos in my book. I did not hate Blousey the way I really hated Curly Wurly, which by the way is complete shit, but I did not like this shampoo and will certainly never purchase it again. 

As you can see below Lush markets this shampoo to “bottle blonds, afro queens, natural hair and all that’s in between.” The shampoo is full of banana seeds so if you have any kind of kink in your hair, you’ll be trying to rinse those stupid flaky little seeks out of your hair the entire time you are in the shower. 
The shampoo has a really strong scent that does take a bit of getting used to. It contains rose oil, blackcurrant absolute, thyme, rosemary, and of course banana. That’s a really odd combination and I know a lot of people will hate the smell. I don’t mind it, but it is generally off putting. 
My biggest issue with the shampoo, even more so than the banana seeds, is that the bottle says it’s moisturizing but this is the most drying shampoo I’ve ever used. The product doesn’t lather, which I can be ok with, but it doesn’t even spread through the hair. I simply cannot work it through my hair so I don’t feel as though my hair is cleaned at all after using this shampoo. I’m not sure why this is called a shampoo at all. It does nothing. 
I really hate having to do this because I do love Lush, but I cannot recommend this shampoo. It doesn’t supply the the results that it promises and there is no excuse for that. With a price point of $25.95 this product should be performing miracles. Don’t waste your money on this one. I’m holding out hope though that one of the Lush shampoos will be great. On to the next one I suppose.