Review: JulieG Nail Color in Blueberry Fizz

Blueberry Fizz is the least exciting of the gumdrop polished for me thus far. That’s not to say that’s its unexciting. It’s still very beautiful, it just isn’t my favorite of the set. Blueberry fizz is a cool toned blue back with silver shimmers and glitters. The blue color did not show up on my nails as vibrantly as it appears in the bottle. That was a little bit disappointing but you can tell it’s blue so it’s not that big of a deal. I found blueberry fizz to be the least textured of the set thus far (I have one more to try). It wasn’t as chunky as the other polishes. Blueberry Fizz also had the most wearing. The tips seemed to wear down really easily in just the first couple days of wear.

Of the gumdrop polishes I’ve used thus far this one has had the most downfalls. That being said I still recommend it. The color is gorgeous, the glitter is spectacular, and the appearance is unique and interesting. The gumdrop polishes have been my favorite thing to work with this year. They are a lot of fun.
For color comparison, I included the shot below of Blueberry Fizz and Rock Candy side-by-side.

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