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Book Review, Sorta: Unleash the Power of the Female Brain by Daniel G. Amen

So I am going to attempt talking about this book. I’m not great at summarizing or reviewing books so this is will probably end up being a jumbled mess. I apologize in advance for those of you who are super in to books and reading.

To be completely honest, I was first attracted to this book because it was bright pink. I happened to be looking for books about health and eating well. This one stood out so I bought it, not really knowing much about Daniel Amen or the brain. Daniel Amen is a doctor who helps people create what he calls “brain envy” through his work with brain imaging. Basically what he says in the book is that most things that go wrong in our bodies start in our brains so if we take great care of our brains our bodies, emotions, sex, social life, health, and anything else will all start being great too.
Obviously he breaks down all of these into different chapters so you get a great wealth of knowledge on how changing your brain will change each of the important aspects of life. He goes over what a brain healthy diet consists of, talks about how one should properly exercise, and even breaks down different supplements in detail so you know what each one actually does. I really liked this section personally because the vitamins and supplements isle at the store has always been super confusing to me. There are so many supplements and hardly any explanation as to what they do. There are also break downs of what fruits and vegetables are actually the best for you and which aren’t.
Overall, I really liked the book and think that it’s definitely a great read for all women. I think its an essential read if you are suffering from mental or emotional disorders, exhaustion, or if you just feel like your aren’t operating at your 100% best. It’s a great book and highly recommend it.