Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in 375 Out of Line

Out of Line is an interesting design. There are white zig zags between multi-colored alternating triangles. It looks really cool from a far, which is why I bought it, but up close the colors are pixelated and a bit unattractive. I still haven’t decided if I like wearing this design or not. I keep going back and forth with it. I think maybe the white zig zags should be thinner. If the colored aspect to the design was more of the star I think I would like it better even though its printed a bit cheaply. There’s too much white; it’s a bit overbearing. 

As far as application goes, I really luck out by having short nails. I can make each strip cover two nails so I only have to unseal one set of the strips (the kit comes with two sets, one for each hand). My luck ends there with these polish strips though. I have a lot of trouble applying these because the strips are not made in sizes that work well for my nails. I have small finger nails and the strips increases in width more than my nails do. I like the Maybelline stickers better. I think they are much easier to use for the self-admitted clumsy girl. Since these strips are actually made of nail polish they are more delicate and need to be handles with a lot more care than I typically possess in my body at any given time. 
Overall, the nails do look really cool and this is certainly a design I wouldn’t personally have the patience to make on my own with polish. I think that the Sally Hansen strips are a bit expensive, but if you find a design you like they are worth buying, if for no other reason than to get compliments for a few days on your unique nails. I also think these are great for summer as an accessory when it’s just too hot and sticky out to wear a necklace or bracelets. I’m not going to say you need to run out and buy these exact strips, but if you happen to walk past them and see something funky, give them a try.