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Weekly Fitness Update

Hello, hello! This week was a struggle with the squat challenge. I did fall behind, but I caught back up and I’m back on track. I can’t believe I’m at day 16 already. That means I’m half way done!

I’ve also worked on arms this week with my new weights. I have noodles arms right now, so I’m sure my arms are going to be a very slow moving project. That’s ok though. The goal is to be fit for life, not skinny for summer.
I haven’t done anything with my fitness ball yet. It’s a bit intimidating, but I know I can’t avoid it forever. I’m going to try so workout on that ball this week so we shall see how that goes.
I’ve been neglecting abs specific workouts this week. I am definitely going to cycle those back in next week. I’ve also haven’t been doing as much cardio as I would ideally want to be doing, but I’ve been trying to be more active outdoors now that it’s nice out. Me and babe have been going on walks and will definitely be heading to the trails to get some hiking in as well.
As far as diet goes, I’ve really enjoyed making healthy dinners for the whole family. Since I’m not working I have the time to make something healthy for all of us to eat. The rest of my family doesn’t really care about food being healthy as long as it tastes good so it’s been fun proving to them that healthy can also be delicious. I’ve been really into adding a sliced up banana into my yogurt and granola. It adds a nice subtle sweetness so I don’t have to use as much honey.
This week I started drinking infused water. I sliced up one lemon and one orange and added filtered water. I muddled the fruit just a little bit. I find that its so much easier to get in all my water drinking with the infused water because its so refreshing.
So that’s an update on what I’ve been up to. Let me know how your fitness progress is going.