Selling on Poshmark

Poshmark is an app made especially for all of us fashionistas that are looking to buy or sell slightly used designer goodies. It’s so much better than using ebay since you don’t have to sort through so many other items and if you don’t like what you are sent you can just send it back, no questions asked. Poshmark keeps a small percentage of your sale and provides you a shipping label. Literally all you have to do is post the item you want to sell and take it to the post office once its bought. It’s so easy to use. 

Once the buyer confirms that the item has arrived and that they want to keep it you are given a balance for the selling price minus the app’s commission. You can either use that money to buy other items up for sale or you can cash out. You have the option of direct deposit or receiving a check. I personally prefer not to have my bank information all over the place so I chose a check. I received the check probably after 2 or 3 days. The processing was really quick. 
I definitely will be using Poshmark again. I had a really great experience selling on the app. It feels great to send my designer goodies to a new loving home where they will be appreciated. If you have clothing or accessories that you want to get off your hands, I definitely recommend check this app out.